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of the league of women voters. along with the league and sfgovtv, i'm here to discuss proposition a, a ballot measure that will be before the voters on november 6th. city college of san francisco has 9 campuses in the city and serves approximately 100,000 students each year. the state has reduced funding to ccsf by core academic courses, provide work force training, provide an education that prepares students for 4 year universities, keep city college libraries and student support services open, keep technology and instructional support up to date, and offset state budget cuts. i'm here with alyssa messer, an english teacher at city college of san francisco. she's the ppt of aft2121, the faculty union, and a proponent of proposition a. also joining us is starchild, a local activist with the libertarian party of san francisco and a former candidate for the san francisco school board. he's an opponent of the measure. thank you both for taking the time to be with us today. >> thank you. >> alyssa, i'd like to give you the opportunity it share the thoughts of your position. >> so proposition a
falling some california proposition is that to solve the ballot yesterday. this is proposition 30 here is our turn out over forming support for proposition 30 to increase education tax. it was billed as a tax hike to rescue the state's school. it was supported by governor jerry brown. it will raise $6 million annually by increasing the sales tax by a quarter cent for four years in raising income tax on the wealthy by 3 percent for seven years ticket of the brown has emerged victorious in this year's election the measure was leaving just over-- earlier results showed the measure cruising slowly but it can gain momentum after 2:00 a.m. with a difference of more than 500,000 votes. in a rally just before midnight brown declared victory sang the overstate of camelot ossicles. >> people would not otherwise agree on many things came together they can to get from many reasons. the core reason that brought people together in support of proposition 30 was the belief in our schools and our universities and in the capacity of the state government to make some wise investments that will benefit al
and election 2012. check that out when you can. ?ai we want to run through some of the state propositions for you right now. >> proposition 30, this would increase taxes for education. this is the one that goner brown has been pushing. right now it is ahead at 52% with just about half of the precincts reporting. >> proposition 31 deals with the state budget and establishes a two-year state budget cycle. other changes to the budgeting process at this moment with 46% of the pre sinks -- precincts reporting and saying no to proposition 31. >> looking at proposition 32 right now, this one would impact political contributions by payroll deductions. it is losing 54% with 47% of the precincts reporting. >> proposition 33 is directed at the auto insurance industry. it changes law to allow companies to set prices based on whether they carried insurance among other changes. 47% of the precincts are reporting. 54% of those votes counted say no to prop 33. >> and taking a look at proposition 34, this one would repeal the death penalty. right now no is winning with 54% of the vote. >> and proposition
of the league of women voters. along with the league and sf gof tv, i'm here to discuss proposition d, a ballot measure that will be before the voters on november 6. the mayor, sheriff and district attorney are elected in november of the same year. the city attorney and treasurer are elected in november of a different year. proposition d is a charter amendment that would change the election cycle for city attorney and treasurer so that these officers would be elected at the same time as the mayor, sheriff and district attorney beginning in 2015. i'm here with district 8 supervisor scott weiner, and dr. scott fauker, an opponent of proposition d >> let's start with you, supervisor. thanks for having me. proposition d is a good government measure that will increase voter turnout in our elections for city attorney and treasurer, two very important offices, and will also save the city 4.2 million dollars every 4 years. right now we elect our city attorney and treasurer in a very, very low turnout odd year election where they are the only two offices on the ballot. and turnout is always extremely l
had state propositions to consider. two would increase taxes to pay for education. our election center now with a look of those and some of the other big issues. >> more money out of your pocket could be the result that voters have decided. the first one is prop 30. the governor had warned of dras das rick cuts. the governor campaigned as late as yesterday. 30 is meant to fund public education through higher income tags taxes for those who earn -- sales tax by a quarter of a -- taking a look at the numbers, split even. it's still early, but this one is a dead heat. moving to prop 32. 32 would limit donations contributing to candidates through payroll deductions. 32 looks like the nos have it. moving along to prop 34. 34 would eliminate the death penalty making first degree murder with special circumstances pun sqishlable -- on death row to life in pr prison without parole. only 40% reporting -- this is the one that would increase penalties for human trafficking. taking a look here, this is our first overwhelming yes. 83 yes, 17% against prop 35. prop 37 this one would require that all
'm here to discuss proposition c the city currently uses federal, state and local funds to support affordable housing programs for both low income and moderate income households. recent federal cutbacks and reductions in state funding have decreased the funding available for affordable housing programs. proposition c would amend the charter to establish a housing trust fund. the city would contribute $20 million dollars to the fund in 2013. each year the city contribution would increase by 2.8 million dollars up to 50.8 million dollars in 2024. after 2024, the city would contribute an annual amount base the on the 50.8 million dollars but adjusted for changes in the city's general fund revenue. the city would use the fund to build, purchase and improve affordable housing, provide 15 million dollars for a loan program for down payment assistance for moderate income home buyers and emergency first responders and provide up to 15 million dollars for a program that would help eligible households avoid foreclosure. proposition c would change the affordable housing requirement for pri
on income-tax the people making $250,000 or more a year. the proposition passed 54%. the governor stated that if it had not passed that of the money would have been taken from the schools and it would've made a lot cut for kate to 12. the funding is now coming through as prompt 30 has passed overwhelmingly. one of the wealthiest counties in the state marin county. those opposing the measure was prompt 38. prompt 38 would guarantee that the money will always go to schools. prompt 30 only does this for the first your own. the difference with 38 is that it would of high taxes across the board and even people making 75 $0 a year would have still been taxed. he looks like california's state budget stays intact with the passage of prompt 30. >> in washington and colorado than stashed they legalized marijuana for recreational use. this drug would be subject to state regulations and taxes. legal experts stated that this will lead to a supreme court battle with the federal government. it may have a similar issue. >> last check wall street on this day after election. >> the index of the future has
feinstein lever for a full term in office. california voters have 11 propositions. among them was proposition 30 the governor's temporary tax measures. the initiative passed by 700,000. dan kerman has the governor's reaction. >> the election last night was a clear and resounding victory for children, schools and the california dream. >> governor jerry brown took his victory lap applauding the voters. and of the people have put their trust in a bowl path forward and i intend to do everything in my power to honor that trust. >> if that would have filled the water triggered massive cuts to education with a shortening of the school of k-12. and tuition increases at the university level. >> we are not seeing those big cutbacks in higher education for going forward. we are going to see about $2,500 per student going into over schools in california for the next four-five years. >> the governor says that there is not going to be any pinch spending with the temporary tax increases instead, the state will pay its bills and invest inright prt this has passed the voter isn't asking to see
from oakland with why this will not be an easy vote and proposition. >> reporter: good morning. a real slow, but steady group of voters here in oakland. governor jerry brown is among the first this morning. he told reporters he thinks the tax increases are a reasonable thing to ask given the alternative $6 billion in cuts. governor jerry brown greeted supporters of proposition 30 in the oakland hills. voted by the back drop of the fire station with the dalmation by his side. >> i think that's a proposition that speaks for itself and i wouldn't be a bit surprised if the outcome is more positive than move you are expecting. >> reporter: he was surrounded by oakland teachers. >> i feel optimistic and not entirely confident. if i was entirely confident, i would not go out this afternoon to do poll watching. >> reporter: the initiative is about funding education and it is more, public safety and health care and prison realignment program. >> we are not against that, but we know that fundamental foundation will be education. >> reporter: california news new web registration added 600,000 new
to the propositions. a big story around the bay area and the state. let's look at the big one. governor brown has a lot riding on prop 30. you essentially heard all of the information on this. this would increase taxes for people making $250,000 or more. most of the money would go to public schools. jerry brown, about an hour said hang tight, we're going to come back in this race. and he speaks the truth. in the last hour, prop 30 has taken a slight lead in terms of the yes votes. yes on 30. very slightly over the no votes. >> all right. let's check in with cheryl hurd live in sacramento, where the governor has been the last couple of weeks, making a big push for yes on 30. saying he needed this to pass or the trigger cuts were going to go in. but it was iffy for a very long time. >> no one is giving up on this race. this crowd right here is waiting for the governor. a lot of people you see here are waiting on pins and needles as they watch these results come in for a yes on 30. a yes on 30 would add between $7 billion and $9 billion a year for the next seven years through an increased tax. right
of san francisco. she's the ppt of aft2121, the faculty union, and a proponent of proposition a. also joining us is starchild, a local activist with the libertarian party of san francisco and a former candidate for the san francisco school board. he's an opponent of the measure. thank you both for taking the time to be with us today. >> thank you. >> alyssa, i'd like to give you the opportunity it share the thoughts of your position. >> so proposition a is a temporary 8-year, $79 parcel tax on properties in san francisco. and that money would go directly to supporting city college of san francisco. city college is the largest work force training center in san francisco. we train students. we also help students learn english as a second language and then of course one of our primary missions is to help students, particularly low income and underserved students, move on to 4 year institutions. we serve nearly 100,000 students in san francisco and are a tremendous resource, we think, for san francisco. the last couple years the state budget cuts we faced, $53 million in the last 3 y
equality and ballot propositions or referendums. we bumped into a couple of plaintiffs in the lawsuit that overturned prop 8. listen to what they had to say. >> for the first time marriage equality has won at the ballot box not once, but twice in maine and maryland and the polls are looking good in minnesota and washington state too. it is an historic evening for our community. >> for the first time in the history of our nation, there is an openly lesbian woman in the united states senate. this never happened before. >> he is referring to tammy baldwin. she won her senate seat in wisconsin. the first openly lesbian senator that ever won election to the u.s. senate. there was a lot to celebrate in the castro. a lot of big victories for the lgbt community. that's the latest from the castro, vic lee, abc7 news. >> thanks, vic. >>> joining us with analysis is melinda jackson of san jose state. she is an associate professor of political science and research director for the survey and policy research institute at san jose state. >> her areas of interest are public opinion, civic engagement
with the league and sf gof tv, i'm here to discuss proposition e the city requires businesses it pay a flat 1.5 percent tax on payroll cost for work performed in the city. small businesses with less than 250,000 dollars in payroll costs are exempt from the tax. proposition e would create a new city business tax based on gross receipts rather than payroll costs. under the new system, the tax on payroll cost would be eliminated or reduced. businesses with gross receipts of less than 1 million dollars annually will be exempt from the gross receipts tax. the gross receipts tax rate would vary depending on the type of business and its annual gross receipts from its activity in the city. certain businesses that have their headquarters or administrative offices in san francisco that operate primarily in other locations would pay the gross receipts tax based on payroll costs. proposition e would require the city to phase in the gross receipts tax and phase out the tax on payroll costs over a 5 year period beginning in 2014. if the gross receipts tax revenue exceeds the revenue the city would have
. if president obama will still be dealing with a divided congress. >> the governor proposition 38 has passed. it is temporary and it will be a tax increase on sales tax and an income tax increase for those making over to london and $50,000. he was trying to fill a budget in hiwhole in his budget. the biggest boat was at one of the wealthiest counties in the bay area. it was marin county who voted it 60%. the competing measure was prompt 38 and with down. it would guarantee that the money raised would have only gone to schools. the argument against prompt 38 was that it would raise taxes for all of your bodeveryon california. >> we will have more on the proposition and the election results as kron 4 continues. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for rea
their ballot initiatives win tomorrow. charles monger pumped tens of millions into supporting proposition 32 that would stop unions from using payroll- deducted funds for political purposes. his sister molly has spent $47 million supporting proposition 38 which would raise money for education. >>> by a state supreme court ruling, we still don't know who is behind an $11 million effort to defeat prop 32. we do know the money came from the virginia-based americans for responsible leadership and the arizona center to protect patient rights. who is behind these two conservative groups? it's a good question, because their donors turned out to be other nonprofits and those individual contributors names remain secret. >> transparency is the life blood of democracy. the transactions are the equivalent of passing a suitcase in a dark alley. >> the fair political practices commission says the secret donation amounts to money laundering and violates california campaign law. >>> speaking of prop 30, the governor is really sticking his neck out on this. this is the proposition that would raise taxes for
in oakland and governor jerry brown will be casting his vote and he is in favor of proposition 30. he stated that this will give more money to education through tax cuts. governor brown design this budget to include proposition 30 if this proposition fellows there will be triggering more cuts for education. $5.4 million will be cut from education and this will leave a shorter school year. >> proposition 38 is guaranteeing that the money will go to education. proposition 30 is a more wide tax increase and if both of these past will be watching waiting. >> listed at update on bay area weather. >> another hot day is on for today. the morning temperatures are sitting in the '50s. as you had to afternoon we will shake off a few degrees compared to yesterday. the fog will return in the afternoon hours and will have more coming up. i do want to leave would current conditions is 61 degrees right now in san francisco. i will track where these numbers are scheduled to go coming up. >> we are starting to see an early back up at the bay bridge toll plaza in the westbound direction. i have not received w
. >> we'll check back with you once we start talking mr. about proposition of things as well. >> thanks. standby. >> local race to talk about. state wide issue everyone talked about and so much advertising proposition 30. would provide funding to schools and xhuntd colleges through temporary taxes including tax on the biggest earners. >> taking a look at the results right now. no is ahead with 53 percent of the vote. 47 percent are saying yes but this is with just 14 percent of the precinct reporting. >> now this is an issue that governor brown campaigned very hard for. lee ann is live in sacramento she's following this at the yes on 30 headquarters. >>reporter: that's right. this is a proposition that i think everyone in california is watching at the moment. supporters of proposition 30 gathered here at the sheraton hotel in sacramento. waiting for those final results. the mood i have to say is very festive so far. governor brown is not expected to arrive i'm told for at least another hour. i heard one volunteer say we believe we are finally here. it's over. it has been a long
and an opponent of the measure. i'd like it start off with matthew and why you believe this proposition is so important. >> certainly. thank you, richard. first off i have some good news and bad news and some more good news for san francisco. the good news is that in a study recently published by the trust for public land that looked at city park systems in the 40 biggest cities in the country, it rated san francisco as no. 1 in the country. we have the best park system anywhere in the country. that's because of the big investments made by previous generations of san franciscoans. the bad news is that a lot of that infrastructure is 60 to 80 years old and it's worn out and the city identified about 1.4 billion dollars worth of renovation that our park system needs to bring it back up to snuff. the good news is that the city has a long-term capital plan that includes that exact work. we started with the 2008 parks bond, which is already beginning to have a huge positive impact in our parks and recreation facilities all across the city and the 2012 bond is designed to pick up where the 20
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francisco to deal with proposition 30. >> sergio romo you can see i just look illegal. he is just miles from the mexican border. internet activists are happy that they made a joke which they say is a big issue. and now from our results 60 percent thought that it was funny and only 2 percent thought that it was inappropriate 20% that it was awesome. 2 percent said it was no joke and a seven fo% said who? thank you for taking part off the >> decision 2012 kron 4 is counting down. after the brief pause from the danger of the storm on the east coast. president obama and mitt romney >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. now meet amanda. with a swipe of her debit card, she bought some gas... and an all-expense-paid trip to hawaii for ben. ben is the identity thief who used a device called a skimmer to steal her information from her card to open a fraudulent account. every year millions o
not passed a tax increase on a statewide proposition since 2004 but this morning governor brown is declaring victory for proposition 30 the education tax. here are the numbers. 54% say yes. 46% say no. that is 100% reporting there. that being said tara moriarty is live in san francisco where voters overwhelmingly supported the measure. tara. >> reporter: good morning. students, teachers, and principal here at mission high school will probably be walking through these doors with an extra pep in their step. this is one of the city's the city's oldest comprehensive high school and it has struggled with test scores in the past but prop 30 may help change that. governor jerry brown's proposition 30 billed as a tax hike to rescue state schools has passed. 54% yes, to 46% no. it will raise the tax cut by a quarter of a cent per year and increase tax for those that make over $150,000 a year. >> here we are. we have a vote of the people. i think the only place in america where a state actually said let's raise our taxes for our kids, for our schools, for our california dreams. >> reporter: now the bi
of proposition 30 changes several things here in california. for public schools it means less risk of another round of budget cuts. and for the cfu system, a mid-year fee like will be cancelled and many students may get a refund on a previous like of $249. but that hardly solves the state's problems. >> we have to make sure over the next few years that we pay our bills, invest in the right programs, but don't go on spending binges like we did in the days when you had the dot-com boom. >> it means additional funding for community colleges. >>> and if you think you had something invested in the proposition fight, just think about the folks who bank rolled those campaigns. >> we're not talking 25, 50, or $100 donations. we look at the winners and losers who wagered millions. >> this should be the beginning of a new chapter. >> it comes right down to dollars, molly munger is the biggest loser. she spent $41 million on proposition 8 which failed. her brother is the second biggest loser, he spent $36.7 million to try to defeat governor brown's proposition 30 which was approved and to support the un
to protect them. proposition 21 will be successful only if it sends a message to all public employees in california. the message is not only that they need to exercise constant vigilance to protect their entitled to much more information than they are now getting on how their pension fund savings are invested. and how their pension plans are funded. thank you. >> supervisor elsbernd: thank you. >> thanks, jean. i wanted to answer some of the jury's findings and answer, prior to the pension board's presentation, some of their responses to our findings. first of all, finding no. 1, the pension board does appear to agree with the jury's finding that the underfunding is over $2 billion, and just to remind you the jury notes that the actual underfunding is $3 billion, but it is reduced by the fund's estimate of its 7.66% future investment returns. finding no. 2, the jury said that the retirement board did not complete a failure analysis downturn. the pension board and staff responded that the losses were the result of unprecedented conditions in the financial market. they say that the boar
the very latest with what's been going on with state propositions >> there's been so much money spent with the state propositions starting with 34, which will repeal the death penalty. number proposition 36 which would revice the three strikes law -- proposition 33, this will prohibit and taking away some of their power shall we say, and the notes have 51%, and there's a lot of talk about 47 which would provide food organization, and the notes are gaining steam at this month. sothat's how 1078 of the big hot buttons look at this moment with propositions in the at a time of california, but it is still early in this race, so we'll see how this race all works out >> all right. but in themeantime we are going to talk about props 30 and 38. we aregoing to go to allen march fin at the governor's camp let's check in with fill ma tier and see what's up with 32. thegovernor states his political future on this for the next foufr years >> as a matter of fact it's already a done deal they said if this money was not approved by voters, they were going to pull votes. moneyseems to be mralg a role
state propositions. people go to both make up their mind ads on certain issues at different times. i think they like to keep their ballot around their homework and research. >> off also we expect 1 million fewer voters then in 2008. >> are you surprised by that? >> i saw that by the field poll. i am not surprised based on our ballot return we know will be slower than four years ago. >> you say with a mail in ballot there's a problem. signatures may not match as opposed to coming in. >> if they have to be about 8:00 election night. wednesday morning for the most part for giving the reds star does is close to the post office and picked up trays of boughs that cannot be counted. 678 may be as many as a thousand. no. 2 they have to sign the box on the envelope because we will check that against their voter registration form. no. 3 you have to compared not match. some about could be disqualified. the safest thing a voter can do is go to the polls and vote their because if you make it there before 8:00 p.m. you hit the target for the candidates ar we will count them. >> in the mellon ballo
-chaired the proposition l campaign, which made san francisco minimum wage the highest in the country. in 2004, i was appointed to the planning commission by then, president of the board matt gonzales. the planning commission makes decisions about how the land can be used best in san francisco. despite the fact that i came from a strong tenant organizing perspective that and i have been fighting or against gentrification for years, opposing the decisions made by planning i served diligently on the commission for seven years, two of which i served as president and three as vice president. i was able to work with everyone despite the political perspective and get things done. my leadership and both on the planning commission are a testament to my vision for the local government. >> i have never been against development and growth, as long as they do not come at too much of a price for current san franciscoans especially vulnerable residents. >> as a planning commissioner i was the first advocate that they be good union jobs. development also increases our housing stock which our city badly needs. a
there are some propositions and some interesting measures to vote on. they include measure a which is raising the sales tax and also measure d which is raising from $8 an hour to $10 an hour so there are a lot of different races that will be interesting to watch. jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> and you can also go to our channel 2 website, you can find state by state break downs of what is at stake. >>> san jose police are investigating an overnight house fire. they say a man who lived there set the fire just before 3:00 this morning. nobody was hurt and officers did take the man into custody. officer say they believe mental illness played a role in that. >>> it happened shortly after 5:00 last night. police say he was driving when he crashed into another car that was not involved in the pursuit. the officer is expected to be okay. police say the driver got away. outrage is growing after he was -- there was a sexual abuse by two teachers. she told the school district and former administrations claiming they failed to stop the abuse but they responded to her lawsuit by cal
for weeks. mr. obama's victory there sealed the second term. >> proposition starting with prop 30, the governor's tax man to make or break california's education system and has $6 billion in trigger cuts riding on its decision. right now, it's 50/50. look at that. neck and neck. it has changed. it was losing a moment ago. and i didn't see pre sifrnths cincts reporting but it is neck and neck. >> cbs political insider phil mctear and the team of reporters covering our campaign 2012 coverage tonight. >> but first, we're going to go to cbs 5 grace lee. huge night for the president and the democrats. >> reporter: absolutely, it was. we expected it to be close but the president got a hundred votes more than governor romney but in the popular vote, both getting 49% of the vote. and maybe why we heard this theme from the president talking about unity in his victory speech. we want to go to joe tuman. we have to unite the country once again but this time the president seemed to have a milder tone. >> i think in some ways what you heard tonight was the product of exhaustion. you are just a
to discuss proposition f, a ballot measure that will be before the voters on november 6. san francisco owns the hetch hetchy regional water system which provides water to about 2.5 million people in san francisco and neighboring areas. proposition f would require the city to prepare a two-phase plan to evaluate how to drain the hetch hetchy reservoir and identify replacement water and power sources. the first phase would identify new water supply and storage options, additional water conservation opportunities, expanded water filtration facilities, and additional renewable energy sources. the second phase would evaluate how to drain the hetch hetchy valley and stop using it as a reservoir so it can be restored by the national park service, increase flows on the lower tuolome river and decrease storm water discharge into the bay and the ocean. proposition f would allocate 8 million dollars to pay for the plan and create a 5-member task fers to develop it. i'm here with mike marshal, the executive director of restore hetch hetchy and a proponent of proposition f we're also joined by distric
to explain students want to make a point about proposition 30. >> reporter: that's right. it may seem surprising that here we are two days after the election, after proposition 30 passed and students are still walking out. what they wants they want to tell the university that they want the money that is coming in from proposition 30 to go to schools. i will show you here that people are starting to gather. this will be unan event that will last for a while. the protest is set to go with the anniversary of occupy cal. you remember this when officers cleared students and others. these scenes vent viral, nationwide. protests here and other campuses didn't get the attention after students were angry after a continuing rise in tuition and fees. one student said the protest is important because they want to see the money come back. >> the money from proposition 30 isn't guaranteed to go to schools. >> reporter: now if 30 hadn't passed legislative analyst said they would have had to cut $250 million from its budget. however there is still a possibility some tuition and fees could go up for
... proposition 30 was in the bay area for the last minute campaign efforts for proposition dirty. dan kerman has t details. proposition 30. >> proposition 3 is crystal clear to invest in the california dream. keep the creativity, the innovation alive and expand and intensify. >> with just days to go california gov. jerry brown was in san francisco drumming up support for proposition 30 the temporary tax increase to help education. he says that this is simple. with money in the to the schools and into the dream or about. in, out, yes, no, on, off. most of the audience seemed to participate and support it but it is not a sure thing at the ballot box. >> 48% are inclined to vote yes that is done from a 51%. the mid september and in the mid '50s. >> while the current polls show that the support has dropped over time there still a chance that it can pass. >> they suggest that there are initiatives that it is not continuing downward. there are 15 percent of the voters that are not decided and he just needs to attract 2%-3%. >> proposition 38 is even a bigger trouble. with 34% are in support and 49% a
think we should vote against this proposition? >> i agree with everything supervisor chiu said about payroll tax. if this measure were revenue neutral, if it were substituting a gross receipts tax for a tax on payroll, the libertarian party would have supported it. but unfortunately some people at city hall got greedy and so the measure is actually a 25.8 million dollars a year tax increase. during a recetion, people are suffering, many people unemployed, many people in san francisco are earning minimum wage, thousands of course on our streets. it's the wrong time to be raising taxes on businesses because the largest employers, of course, have the largest number of jobs and you incentivize those employers to go away and we're going to lose jobs. >> supervisor, from reading the material on the proposition it appears it will increase the number of businesses you will be taxing from 7500 to 15,000. doplt you think that's increasing the tax on the companies within the city? >> a couple things of note. our current business payroll tax is only applied to 10 percent of all businesses an
in oakland. urging this morning a yes vote on proposition 30. his tax measure to fund education. we will tell you why he feels optimistic about the passage today. >> reporter: and we are saturday and quentin where a small group of people hope californians repeal the death penalty but will it past? mornings on 2 continues. oÑ >>> time now 7:29 any minute governor brown is expected to cast his ballot on prop 30. alex savidge is in oakland. >> reporter: we are told any minute he will be arriving at fire station number 6 where he will cast his ballot this morning and voting yes on proposition 30. and as you can see over here we have educators teachers with the california teachers association who lined the street here. they are staying away from the polling place but holding the rally nearby. so they can sort of greet the governor as he walks down the street and as i say that i think if you push up there that looks like the governor right now. walking up and greeting some of the teachers again they are members of the california teachers association obviously they are very concerned about educatio
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